Why is Tiktok so important for the younger generations? 

Tiktok - an extremely popular social media platform, formerly known as musical.ly, is used for uploading short 15-60 second videos based upon humor, lip-syncing, information, and even simply interesting topics. 
It is intriguing to see how much of a huge impact is has had on the younger generations, creating movements, new trends, spreading information and focusing on the good and the power groups of people can have to make real changes across the world. 

The users of this app even went so far as to make real political impacts regarding a rally in 2020 for the American presidential campaign. Users banded together to create many replies to an attendance slip and ensure that there were very few people coming, contrary to what they had set up together. In constant signs of unity between these people, they can work together and fight towards what they think is right.      

The hashtag features can easily bring attention to important topics which must be spoken about, and people will ensure that videos with important messages will be shared across various social media platforms to spread awareness. The share feature is also extremely helpful in this regard and can bring light to various situations.

Groups and fandoms can band together, collaborate with videos, duet + stitch one another and share interests through comments and messages, as well as create sounds to be used through the community.