A sudden explosion led to a manhole fire at the intersection of Lord Avenue and Stradbroke Grove, startling residents and drawing an immediate response from the fire brigade.

The fire brigade was on the scene until the early hours of the morning, maintaining safety until electrical technicians arrived to address the underlying issues.

Residents were awakened by the explosion, which also set off car alarms in the vicinity.

"I was jolted awake by this loud bang and the sound of car alarms all around. Looking out the window, I saw flames right across the street. It was terrifying," recounted Manjeet Kaur, who lives opposite the incident site. "For a moment, I feared we might have an underground fire spreading beneath us."

Electrical technicians worked through the early hours and returned later in the day to continue their efforts.

When approached by local residents for information, the technicians admitted to being initially unsure of the exact cause. "We have LV cables down there, and there are HV cables too," one technician mentioned, indicating the complexity of the infrastructure but providing no detailed explanation, likely due to the ongoing nature of their investigation.

The incident, while alarming, was not deemed severe. Only a few homes experienced a loss of power, which was restored as the day progressed. The local community was left uneasy by the lack of immediate information but relieved that the situation did not escalate further.

The cause of the explosion and fire is still under investigation, with officials committed to ensuring such an incident does not repeat.