On Tuesday 13th February, the STEM Careers Fair took place at Merchant Taylors’ School (MTS), Northwood. The event was quite lively with members of both Merchant Taylors’ and the Royal Masonic School for Girls attending for the eye-opening experience.  

Events like this are especially important as they provide opportunities for students to connect with those who work in the industry to gather information, resources and ideas on how to build a successful career.  

The event was run by exhibiting specialists involved in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) fields and the Merchant Taylors’ Careers Department. Over 25 specialists were present: many of which were already in the MTS community – consisting of parents of students who attended the school or MTS alumni (OMTs). Many of the exhibitors involved employees of companies such as Ninja (high-tech kitchenware brand) and Chevron (petroleum corporation), and many other notable establishments in STEM-related industries.  

There were three talks held that evening on engineering, artificial intelligence’s relation with cancer and Data Science. Industry experts in research-based fields shared their personal journey to their dream careers which they pursue today and the challenges they faced during that journey. There were great pieces of advice for students at both schools to take with them. 

Overall, the event was quite successful, and the turnout was phenomenal with the MTS Great Hall full of aspiring engineers, doctors, programmers, and many other future professions yet to be created!