The days are growing longer, and warm spells are beginning to scatter the country. March is a great time of year to get planting and make the most out of the Spring to cultivate a colourful and fruitful (literally) garden! 

These flowers are the bright representatives of spring. As iconic flowers, with their vibrant yellow petals and distinctive centres, are considered a signal for new beginnings and hope. Daffodils love the temperate climate of the UK and you can easily grow them in gardens, propagators or containers. They bloom in early spring (a bit before this article was published), but it’s still not too late to plant them! 

Famous flowers so beautiful that the Netherlands exports many of them a year, with their wide range of colours available, tulips are most definitely a visual treat! Well drained soil and sunny skies is all they require to stand upright – tulip bulbs can easily be purchased in many garden centres across the country. 

In woodlands and shady areas, bluebells create a lovely carpet of blue along a flowerbed. Native to the UK, they are known for their fragrance and are a beautiful flower to cover a large patch. Bluebells are relatively low maintenance, and they thrive in moist soil and tolerate a little shade. They have high a nectar content for bees, acting as a catalyst for the pollination of other flowers in your garden. 

Primroses bloom as early as February way out into April. These flowers come in many light shades, including pink, yellow, and white petals. Primroses prefer cooler temperatures and occasional shade, making them ideal for UK gardens. These delightful flowers bring elegance and sophistication to every garden. 

Spring is a magical time in the UK, with an abundance of stunning flowers which scatter our land. By adding these flowers to our gardens, we not only enhance the beauty of our surroundings but also contribute to the preservation of biodiversity symbiotically. Grab your gardening tools, visit your nearest garden centre, and get planting!