Doing your GCSE’s is obviously a stressful time but it’s extremely important to remember to stay calm and do your exams as best as you can. Grades aren’t everything and you should just aim to do the best that you can because that is always enough. 

It’s difficult to prevent sickness but some things that can help are eating regularly as stress can cause a lessened appetite, staying hydrated and sleeping properly. 


Make sure you pack your bag the night before and don’t stay up too late revising because the best you can do is have a good night’s sleep. If you’re tired on the day that will make you more stressed and you will be less able to concentrate on doing your best in the exam. You should definitely eat a full breakfast and if you have more than one exam, bring a snack for you to eat because you do not want to feel hungry during an exam. Make sure to bring a bottle of water with you because you need to stay hydrated especially if you have more than one exam in one day. If you tend to get nervous before exams, then take some time to calm down and take some deep breaths to calm you down. 


After the exam is over, do not stick around and compare answers with others even when everyone else is because even though it feels great to know you got an answer correct, it feels a lot worse to find out you did not which will just add to the stress especially if you have an exam right after that one. I know it’s difficult but i promise you’re a lot better off but I'm sure we’ve all experienced this at some point so i probably don’t need to tell you more. 


I hope this article helped you and I hope that you all do well in every single one of your exams. Good luck!