Tramlines festival, a weekend event located in Sheffield, put its tickets on sale today. From the 23rd to the 25th of July 2021, music artists such as The Streets, The Kooks, Royal Blood and Dizzee Rascal are performing live to a crowd of 35,000. This must be music to everyone’s ears (literally). The big, camping festivals were all cancelled near the start of this year, which inevitably meant that there was a lack of hope for a fun summer. However, with smaller gigs and festivals still persevering, all is not lost!


In the height of lockdown, festivals of any sort were looked upon as wishful thinking. Now that they are back and ready for crowds, it is almost a dream come true for the British public, most importantly the teens who are intent on going to Reading. The joy and connection that music events bring is irreplaceable, so I for one am glad that they are already coming back. After being locked indoors for so long, the need to socialise and go somewhere than your local town is intense and imminent.


Summer 2021 should still be approached with caution however, because we don’t want to throw away our one chance at easing back into normality by completely disregarding any rules and letting a torrent of cooped up energy loose. The vaccination passports seem like a step in the right direction, but I would simply urge people not to leap into freedom too soon. The basics, like hand-washing and mask-wearing, are still absolutely essential and do not detract from the day in any way. At festivals, though it may be easy to forget about the disease that has ripped through the world, there needs to be some level to which people can protect themselves and others around them. Apart from that, a break is very well deserved!