It has been a little over 2 years since the start of the first quarantine. Some were happy to stay home for an extended period of time, some were already mourning the loss of their loved ones, some still at that point underestimated the situation and some straight up denied it.

Many things have happened during these turbulent times like BLM, the major riots that broke out in America because of it, increase in domestic violence, turmoil in financial markets, the temporary but sharp decline of the Aeronautical industry etc. I’m sure we have all also had personal issues to worry as was the case with the sharp increase in the number of employees being laid off by various companies due to the expenses wracked up by the wrath of the COVID pandemic.

With all these things to consider and many more to worry about, one may find themselves in despair and understandably so. However there are other options to make your way during these troubling even with the end of quarantine. Online courses have seen an increase in popularity in various websites like FutureLearn, Coursera, Udemy, Linkedin Learning etc. If you were however looking for a form of income then there’s no need to look further than in online Streaming or simply doing Youtube videos though streaming would in some cases be a more viable option as it is also increasingly becoming a popular option for content creaters.

But if it was advice that you were curious about, all I can I say is that it is best to not fret and fuel yourself with ambition for ambition is greatest power one can possess in order to make their way in the world, especially during hard times.