This April has been the frostiest April since 1922 and ironically we have been forced to only socialise outside, no wonder everyone is looking forward to this summer. Despite this, summer may not be as good as once thought as although restrictions are slowly lifting there is still a sense that it will be constrained by rules and regulations.

However, as we have discovered in these past months that this does not mean that summer has to necessarily be bad. I asked my friend, Anna Brierly, if she will miss going abroad? She admitted that “it would be nice to have some warm weather and to be able to go in the sea.” One of the positives with not being able to go abroad is it gives more people a chance to explore England so many people will be going on staycations this year. So, I decided to ask Anna what other positives there are to staycations she stated that “they are very good for the environment as they reduce airmiles”, which is a very big benefit especially as there has been rising concerns over the damage caused by air miles on the environment.

Summer is not just about going abroad it is a time to relax and spend time with friends and family. Luckily for us it seems like lockdown restrictions will be lifted just in time. I asked Anna if she was looking forward to restrictions being lifted and she said that “as lockdown had been so long” she was thrilled at the idea of meeting up with people and having fun. I went on to ask her what she was most excited for and her response was to “spend time with friends and to do exciting things.”

As we all wait in anticipation to see if Boris Johnson`s road map will really pan out we have to see the positive aspects of this situation and just hope for good weather this summer.