Now more than ever, it is important to support artists all over the world. Here are three whose art is worth looking at. 

Jenny Saville's representations of the human form blur the lines between classical figuration and contemporary abstraction.The differences between living, breathing bodies abound as Saville drives, smears, and scrapes the colour around her large-scale canvases.When oil paint is applied in thick layers, it becomes as visceral as flesh, with each painted mark having its own supple, elegant existence.

Lee Price’s work is elegant, hyper realistic and technically fascinating. She paints women in intimate and truthful moments, often blissfully lost in the moment they are found in. Her work is incredibly detailed and shows a delicate balance of colours and tonality, showing raw and blunt aspects of life in a beautiful way. 

Lindsey Kutusch is a versatile, skilled artist whose work mostly revolves around nature. Her still life oil on canvas is deeply intoxicating with each brushstroke, each velvety tone captured elegantly. Her work is on th abstract to realism spectrum, often with the main focus of the art work blurring into the background of the portrait.