Children from a very young age are put under pressure by their parents or schools, tutors, peers or even themselves. This is all because of competition in the modern world. Education is really important and is in fact the key to success and a secure future. However, your health and happiness have a much greater value. 

From young ages of 10 to 12, children are started to be pushed to do 11 plus exams or normal SATs, which have them worried. Parents do want the best for their child so they end up pressurizing the child to study and revise for upcoming exams because they know there will be other children who are smarter or brighter. In fact, that is true there are children out there that are naturally better at picking up things than others. But this does not mean you intend to make your child match their level. Everybody has their own capabilities. Some people are good in studies whereas some are good in music or art. We are all built different. 

The increasing competitiveness amongst children going into secondary school or teens going to university is proving beneficial to tuition centers but in the end, children are getting tired, pressurized and anxious. If they do not pass and get into the grammar school of their parents’ choice then they seem to be dumber and less smart in society. All schools provide the same education and curriculum, it is just the name that differs. By going to a grammar school, the child will not be learning any more or less than other schools. It is dependent on the child, not the school how much they take in. 

Education has been made a competition. That is not the way it should be. Children should be given their space to learn and any school may be great for them depending on their ability. Too much pressure is not healthy for them and not all kids can sit and study for long. 


Anika Panwar (Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College)