Lockdowns over the last year have been frequent events everyone has had to experience; all coming with pros and cons. Throughout this time, many studies have been made about teens mental health during quarentine.

Studies have shown that the average teens mental health possitively increased when first knowing they were of school, however, it started to neggatively decrease again when the summer of 2020 came around. The results were compared to a 2018 study that showed the mental health of children was worse then than it is throughout the process of being stuck inside. However, teenagers sleep scheduels have worsened whilst not going to school and are getting more sleep, whcih actually helps their mental health.

As well as that, the use of socail media and online use increased drastically. However, not all kids would have felt secure and happy at home, and it doesnt help that they cant escape to their friends or even be at school. Which is why doing small things everyday such as read, clean your room or even catch up with school work could improve someones mental health massively. Catching up with your friends and texting/facetiming them is probally the best way to distract yourself from the difficulty of being inside.