Today, children from all around the UK will be up until 1-2 am completing the homework set by their teachers. Although it may seem like they are ok with the workload, this amount of stress can have a heavy impact on a childs learning and may even discourage them. 

The amount of work set by teachers can become alot for a child to deal with and children at GCSE level feel this struggle the most. Setting work to be completed is not the problem, the problem is the short amount of time given to submit the work. Many people say that everything is good, but even the most healthy things must be taken in moderation. In my opinion this applies for homework as well.

Yes, homework can prove to be beneficial to a childs learning and can expand a their knowledge, but is this extra knowledge really worth it? We have a choice to make, and although it may not be apparent, many children face issues due to their mental state and this can be easily prevented by regular check-ins and a sense of trust which can be built between a child and a trusted adult. But how can a child feel trust, with someone who, maybe even unintentionally, is affecting their mental state for the worse.

Many children are faced with this problem and are unable to voice their problems and opinions on the topic of work overloads.We can help them by making them feel more safe and secure. 

-Jai Kalia.