With the festive season fast approaching, why not try these easy swaps to have a more sustainable Christmas and help reduce waste the large amounts of waste Christmas produces each year.


  1. This year, instead of using plastic tape to wrap your presents try paper tape. Plastic tape is not recyclable meaning that any that is stuck to your wrapping paper after you have thrown it out will not be recycled. Paper tape however is recyclable and means that both the wrapping paper and tape can be thrown out together and will be recycled (if you are using recyclable wrapping paper of course).



  1. Following on from this when wrapping gifts try and use recyclable wrapping paper. Non recyclable wrapping paper is often very thin and tears easily, is covered in glitter or laminated in silver/gold foil. If you are still unsure if your paper is recyclable you can do the ‘scrunch test’ by scrunching up your wrapping paper and seeing if it remains scrunched in a ball once you let go. If it does it should be recyclable. Another easy way to avoid buying non recyclable wrapping paper is by buying simple wrapping paper in plain colours such as brown as these are almost always recyclable.



  1. Lastly, why not try using a reusable advent calendar this year? Often these are made from wood or felt and can be reused each year. They can be filled with any cholates or sweets you want making them very customisable depending on what you like. Reusable calendars are also usually less expensive in the long run than buying a new disposable one each year so you can help save money and the planet at the same time.


So, this year why not try some of these small and easy changes to help do your part in helping reducing waste and have a more eco friendly Christmas.