Number 10- Mary Poppins (the original). A classic that has won it’s way into everyone’s hearts Mary Poppins is guaranteed to get you and your children singing a spoonful of sugar due to it’s catchy and lovable soundtrack. With great casting and that Disney magic the original Mary Poppins will go down a treat.

Number 9- Wall-e. A child- friendly sci-fi about two robots that fall in love, Wall-e masters what it means to survive in this outer space adventure.

Number 8- Missing Link. Witty and adventurous this recent box-office hit entertains children and adults alike whilst causing non-stop laughter.

Number 7- The Spiderwick Chronicles. A fantasy/ adventure this film both thrills and entertains throughout by taking you into a whole new world of monsters and magic.

Number 6- Rango. Starring a chameleon that shows his true colours during a rip-roaring western style animated classic.

Number 5- Big Hero Six. An emotional roller-coaster this beautiful and uplifting movie features a giant inflatable robot called baymax and his friend Hiro on a tale of discovery.

Number 4- Nativity. Who says you can’t watch Christmas films all year round? This comedy classic about a school play stars Martin Freeman as Paul Maddens a teacher who hates Christmas and is tasked with directing the school nativity.

Number 3-  The entire Toy Story saga. Yes I know that this doesn’t count as a single movie and is in fact four, but can you blame me? These movies never failed to entertain decades of audiences and still hold a place in our hearts today.

Number 2- Star wars a New Hope. This sci-fi classic and first of it’s series keeps you hooked from beginning till end with some of film’s most iconic characters. All ages will get immersed in the battle between the Jedi and the Empire because the Force is strong with this one.

Number 1- The Goonies. This dysfunctional family makes for the perfect family adventure. This film includes: pirates, the mafia and children spies with gadgets galore.