‘They… they say that if either twin learns he was one of a pair, they shall both immediately die’


Mrs Johnstone had made a pact and there was no going back. She will be forever sealed in that moment. Mrs Johnson’s little dark secret was now one that she was forced to keep, for the rest of her lifetime. The Johnstone Brothers would suffer the consequences.


Blood Brothers had a successful opening night, at the Richmond Theatre, on Tuesday 11th February 2020.


Written by Willy Russell, the play is set in Liverpool, in the 1960’s. The story follows twins, Mickey and Edward, who are separated at birth. It characterises the different trajectory and situations of their lives until the day they meet. The day they realise that they both love the same girl and the day they claim themselves as ‘Blood Brothers’.


The play has enjoyed solid support since its move from the West End and the audience on the night I was there appreciated the suspense of the drama. The musical score including Mrs Johnstone’s ‘Marilyn Monroe’ and ‘Tell Me Its Not True’ and Mrs Lyons’ ‘Shoes Up On The Table’ were warmly received. This season is a farewell tour for Lyn Paul who has played Mrs Johnstone for the last twenty years and her portrayal of the character continues to serve the emotive Russell script well. Paul’s considered actions and movements confirm her dedication, passion and wonder for the character.


The set too had been cleverly designed, constructed and used. The script production notes make reference to ‘two semi permanent areas’; one an ‘exterior front door of Mrs Johnstone’ and the other the ‘interior of the Lyons’ comfortable home’. All due praise to the production this opening night. The attention to minute detail is obvious, such as the accurate positioning of the follow spot and costume design.


They main takeaway from the play is social stratification: Edward and Mickey’s existence highlights the difference that money, occupation and its resulting life course or the opportunities that affluence can afford…or does it? No plot spoilers here but can money bring a long life?


Thank you for putting on an amazing show and for giving the audience a memorable night.


Written by Lakavi Suthan, Woodford County High School.