177 million people went to the cinema in the UK in 2018, it is a normal activity for most of us. In 26 locations up and down the country there are Picturehouse cinemas. These cinemas cater 

for different groups of people and celebrate individuality with special screenings and independent film festivals.


My local Picturehouse is the Bromley branch which was opened in June of 2019. This cinema brings back the vintage feel of cinema, with its art deco building and theme. The building was built by George Coles in 1936. The Picturehouse company has done its best to restore the building to the style of the period. They restored the front of the Picturehouse, which now has a stunning lighted sign which draws people in, it is the focus of the high street. They have restored the historical features such as the rubber floor and the art deco lights within the building to provide the originality of the cinema. There are six screens and a beautiful kitchen and bar with a wonderful menu accommodating brunch, lunch and dinner. 


The Bromley Picturehouse provides lots of unique experiences, for example, vintage Sundays. Three or Four times a month the Picturehouse puts on a vintage film which is a rare opportunity to see your favourite old films on the big screen as if they were just released. Classic films such as La Dolce Vita and Monty Python’s Life of Brian. The Picturehouse also shows screen arts such as ballet, opera, theatre and live music. They show productions from the National Theatre, The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Bolshoi Ballet, The MET opera and more. They also have Q and A’s about films which are sometimes with directors. 


They also screen films that cater to different groups of people. They have groups such as Toddler Time and the Kid’s club, these are so you can take your children to a screening especially for them. There is also the E4 free club, this allows people of 25 and under to see free previews of films, this was set up in a partnership between Picturehouse and E4. One of the most surprising groups is the dog-friendly group. On some Sunday mornings, dogs come into the cinema for a dog-friendly screening. The seats are blanketed and plenty of food and drinks are available. The Picturehouse says ‘It's a great way for dog owners to enjoy cinema without leaving their best friend at home’. The most heart-warming group is the Dementia group. Anyone is welcome to these screenings but it only costs £4 each and is free for carers. These specific screenings give people with dementia the chance to enjoy a day at the cinema while socialising with people who understand their situation. These films are adapted to ease the sensory impacts, people 

can sing along, walk around, take a break and the lights are lowered on the screen.


The Picturehouse cinema has become an important part of the community and it provides accessibility for all in the cinema.