Rayners Lane Tube Station, on the Uxbridge branch of both the Metropolitan and Piccadilly Line has seen several people pushing past through commuters as they tap in and out of stations. These people avoid having to pay as they shove past before the gates close on them.

Though Rayners Lane Tube Station is not the only victim of these dreadful acts, it is expected that similar incidences occur in many other stations. The oyster card, a contactless smart card with stored value is the driving force of transport in London. To hear that they are being abused in such a way is shameful and despicable to all daily commuters of London and to the city itself.

A member of staff on patrol at Rayners Lane Tube Station said, ‘The exact number of times this has happened is unknown since many don’t choose to complain or speak up.’ In the stressful lives that Londoners live today, the hassle of speaking up against injustice, potentially being late to work is too big a risk. Consequently, reported incidences are significantly lower than the actual numbers.

The member of staff added, ‘People most at risk are high schoolers as offenders target those that are most unlikely to speak up.’

While not paying for your tube journey is incomparable to crimes such as rape and murder, it is still wrong regardless. As a result, I urge every single person reading this article to speak out against this if you see it happen and to stand up for other issues in daily life as well. Together, we can make London a better and safer place to live.

Harishni Manoharan