Full of singing and fun, this production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat was incredibly entertaining and the enthusiastic cast really lit up the theatre. With an amazing orchestra supporting it, this performance really couldn’t go wrong and the energy of the actors combined with the amazing music from Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber gave the whole evening a light-hearted and joyful feel.

The production began with a beautiful performance of the songs by the orchestra, helping to relax the audience and set the tone for the rest of the night. Throughout the show, the accompaniment complimented the singing well and helped give the songs more dynamism. Similarly, the vocals of the characters were incredibly impressive, in particular Joseph and Pharaoh who both displayed a massive range of powerful vocals.

Special credit must be given to all 11 of Joseph’s brothers for keeping the show humorous throughout with their funny songs and facial expressions. Every second they were on stage was full of excitement and it was extremely clear to everybody watching that they worked well together which was evident through their choreography being very well-timed and cleanly arranged. Additionally, they managed to use their expressions to show their characters development throughout the performance.

Maya Nicholls, an 11-year-old who also saw this production said that she ‘really liked the costumes and the choir as well as the narrator’ and she thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Personally, I thought that the set out of the stage was incredibly well designed with the choir on both sides giving the audience a more interactive view of the performance and the costumes of the characters were colourful and bright. Lighting was also used to help give the performance its animated atmosphere as well as dimming the mood for the darker scenes when Joseph was trapped in jail.

Overall, I thought this performance was amazing, especially for families and children and it was the perfect way to bring a smile to your face. With music, dance and drama, this production of Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat had everything needed for a fun night out.

By Eve Nicholls