It is seemingy difficult to devote any time at all into visiting galleries while caught up in our busy lifestyles and the chaos preceeding the oncmoing exams for many. However, investing even the smallest amount of time in the arts is beneficial - and perhaps even necessary - in leading a stress-free life and being a well rounded individual.

Living in London, it is imprtant to take advantage of the many galleries dotted around the city - from the relativey unknown Richard Saltoun in Mayfair, which would appeal to those interested in social issues and feminist artwork to the National Portrait gallery, there is bound to be something for everyone!

For the passionate poet, the Tate is holding an exhibition on the drawings and etchings of William Blake until February 2nd; his artwork which often tackled social issues, many of which being relevant even now, resonating 'as loudly and clearly today as they ever did' as put by Time Out Magazine.

For those interested in optical illusions and mind-boggling art, Hayward Gallery is exhibiting Bridget Riley's vibrant and reality-altering work until January 26th, which will be sure to awe and amaze. 

For those invested in figurative art and realism, the RA are currently holding an exhibition on the self portraits of Lucian Freud until January 26th, which explore in detail the development of his art from when he was only young novice to the reputated artist he came to be - this is a hugley interesting and beneficial exhbition to aspiring artists.

Investing even the smallest amount of time in visiting a gallery inspires creativity and cultivates the mind  - it is learning with the boredom of a classroom removed!