Britain, the home of unpredictable weathercasts and exquisite monuments is elevating rapidly in its economy and the population seems to be soaring higher and higher by the minute.  So why is this the case - and more importantly what are the reasons behind this succession?  

To keep in mind, Britain has been known for its well-known trading skills in the past.  Yet, throughout a significant amount of change, millions of people are proud to call it home and are proud of their British lifestyle.  Aren’t you?  

The clear and unequivocal reasoning behind the supreme, yet  comfortable way of living lies beyond the four main values; the values ​​all British civilians are supposed to acknowledge and respect. 

Each individual value for me that unites the perfect lifestyle in Britain is undeniably principal in their own way.  I think they are all important, and without one another, the values ​​would not be the same.

The first value is ‘democracy’.  As a British civilian, we are proud to call our country democratic.  This value implores the mobility and freedom of speech for all civilians in Britain.  It empowers every individual so that we each have not only a power in choice, but voice out when deciding on our nation's political decisions.  

‘The rule of law’ is the second British value.  Not only does this promote safety to our citizens, it also advocates safety towards animals in Britain.  Our laws such as prohibiting animal testing allow us to excel ethically in a way that doesn’t support the neglect and abuse of animals.  To take into account the fact that there is an age limit to the working of a full time and a law constricting people over 18 to partake in sexual relations with minors gives Britain the chance to allow the youth to live a life exclusing excessive labour or abusive and unwanted sexual relations.

The third value is 'individual liberty'.  The fortunate case that we have powers like the liberty of conscience or the freedom of expression allows British civilians to luckily avoid forms of suppression and get opportunities to become the people we admire to be that other civilians in other nations may be sadly contained from.

The last value 'Mutual respect’ is the last British value;  For me personally, I think this should unequivocally be a value every citizen in Britain should resolutely uphold in them.  A range of diversity proudly spreads across this nation regarding: race, sexuality, religion, culture and many other aspects.  The power of mutual respect undeniably enables a unstoppable unity we hold in our country, and for me, I think that this can overcome such a series of problems.  

The fact that I have been able to openly dicuss and express opinions to other civilians and my choices will  be respected no matter the difference in ideologies allows me to gain more appreciative and courteous knowledge on this value.

So taking into considerate account, I think we should take a moment to think back to these values.  We should appreciate the advantages we endure from being civilians in our country and reflect on how these values not only make us feel safe, content and free, but also how they empower each of us to be our better selves.

Bhavna Bhaskaran, GGSK COLLEGE