Gang crime poses a bigger threat to society than terrorism. Postcode war is a conflict between gangs over territory. They normally start by rude comments on social media causing conflict between gangs in neighboring areas resulting in deaths and injuries of innocent people of the public. For most of us postcodes means nothing more than a bunch of numbers that indicate where we are or where we want to go. But to a new generation of Londoner's postcodes have literally become danger-zones, marking out no-go-areas. Inside London heads to the territories of Hackney. Many sources from the BBC find out:  kids who are protecting themselves by staying in their own homes. For them crossing a street means they could encounter danger from E5 gangs; East London including Upper Clapton. It can sometimes mean that a simple bus ride can become complicated, with teenagers running through perceived danger by passing by many different postcodes. On the 18th December 2018, Teenager stabbed 15 times by rival gang members in Ipswich postcode feud. Tavis Spencer-Aitkens died after being stabbed 15 times during an attack in June as a gang thought he was a threat from just walking around the street making him a target of bother. This shows unpredictable actions could happen to anyone.