Girlguiding=Good Living 

Growing, learning, discovering, being a girl is difficult, Girlguiding isn’t.  

Girlguiding was first established by Lord Robert Baden-Powell and his sister Agnes Baden-Powell in 1908 and is all about: making friendships, being adventurous and learning to speak up. It can be described as a community empowering girls and making them the women of tomorrow. In weekly sessions guides do many activities in which the learn many skills and socialise with other guides. By doing this they also are building skills to achieve badges. It is a safe, supportive environment with girls of varied ages and backgrounds together as one community. It has created a massive diverse community across the world and doesn’t consider race but accepts that we are all different and embraces it.  

This week at my local guides the we did Halloween themed activities. We decorated cupcakes and played fun games. It is essential that girls have and fun and safe environment as an escape every week as this gives them somewhere to relief stress, be themselves, leave any problems or solve and discuss problems. The leaders are great to talk to and will help you, they plan interesting, creative and fun activities. 

I interviewed a few guides, asking them how guiding has helped them, these are their responses 

“I joined in Rainbows when I was 5. Guides has made me more confident and the activities help me understand different things, I would recommend it because it is a great social thing to get out the house and do. It has improved my confidence as well.” 

Katie, 13 

“I joined when I was 5 since Rainbows and I enjoyed it very much and still do it, it's also a good way to make friends. It has made me more confident around everyone. It helps me feel confident around everyone. It helps me feel more generous around other people. I would recommend it to everyone because it’s a great way of spending time together. It has improved my confidence around other people.” 

Amy, 12

Communities like guides takes children of the streets and should definitely be supported more, it teaches children vital skills that they may not learn by being stuck in the home environment. Being a girl can be difficult and having a community to support you whilst you embark on the journey is important You can join at any age, I have so should you!


Growing, learning, discovering, being a girl is difficult, Girlguiding isn’t. 

Girl guiding=Good living