It’s become notoriously difficult to get a driving test, having to wait anywhere from 4 to 6 months. Although it’s become known that this may be a direct result of covid-19 pushing the log back further. However, this is not the only cause, as tests can only be taken during daylight hours meaning in winter due to fewer hours of daylight this means fewer tests can be taken further contributing to the backlog.


Although the backlog of tests began even before this, covid-19 worsened this already present issue putting more strain on DVSA. As demand increases for driving licenses overtime this also adds to the already existing issue the DVSA is presented with as they simply cannot not supply enough to meet the needs of the economy. However also due to strikes from November 2022 and June 2023, caused more tests to be cancelled. This further amplified the issue as this meant people had to reschedule their tests for a later date. Last summer the DVSA stated that the strike action had caused 25,000 tests to be cancelled and rebooked. All of the previous issues could result in learners having to travel to do their tests elsewhere if their local area is completely booked test wise, or potentially booking a last-minute driving test as others may cancel their tests due to one reason or another allowing others to book their test cancellations. Although this may require patience as it requires regular checking to find practical driving test dates.