Stella Creasy is a labour, pro-life member of parliament, and has been susceptible to a lot of hate due to her pro-life beliefs. Extremists have been harassing Creasy recently. As awful as this may seem, the police took strong urges from Creasy before they took action at all.  Stella Creasy gave a detailed statement to the police, following anti-abortion protestors called ‘the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK’ outside Walthamstow’s shopping mall for the third time that week.


“It shows the gaps in the law that if they were showing pictures of the KKK, or making homophobic remarks on their posters, it would not be a matter of debate that it had to be taken down. We have to show that this is a form of harassment.” Says Stella, infuriated from the lack of support she was receiving from the police. 8 months pregnant herself, she was receiving constant harassment, intimidation and threatening messages from CBR who were waging a campaign against Stella and her contituents in Walthamstow. They were stood next to a 20 foot poster of Stella which was alongside of a picture of an aborted foetus which was roughly the same age as the baby Stella was carrying herself. Whether or not this was intentional is impossible to tell, but either way CBR are still showing their graphic billboards to the general public of Walthamstow. They also have their ‘Stop Stella’ campaign which explicitly paints Stella creasy as a ‘baby killer’ and a hypocrite as she herself is pregnant. Walthamstow residents had made their distress clear over this issue, and so had a fed-up Stella Creasy.


Stella is now pushing for misogyny to become a hate crime.


Anna Montague year 10, Walthamstow School for Girls.