Bancroft’s School’s CCF took part in a praiseworthy act of commemoration for Remembrance Sunday on November 10th. Complete respect and recognition for those who sacrificed their lives for ours over 100 years ago was felt amongst all, from the staff present and those watching, to the pupils participating.

Both the Army and the RAF sections, consisting of students ranging from year 9 to year 13, performed to an exceptional standard as they marched on the road outside of the school in through the main entrance, putting on a display for both the public and those spectating. A service in the school’s Great Hall effectively promoted a moment of reflection and, despite the service bringing together those from all religions, readings from the Bible and hymns enabled a united act to tribute the fallen.

Members of the CCF, as well as those of much younger ages in the sea scouts, formed up in ranks in a professional manner as Reverend Moore spoke words of respect and admiration. He recited a verse of ‘The Fallen’, a poem by Robert Laurence Binyon and with the echo of the last line, ‘We will remember them’ resonating through the quad of the school, a sense of togetherness was achieved. A 2-minute silent brought ideas of loss, sorrow and thanks into everyone’s minds which was concluded by a superb performance of the ‘Last Post’, played by Lewis Wood and Eleanor Channer, two members of the CCF. Having been involved in this thoughtful day numerous times, Lewis Wood stated, ‘Remembrance Day was smoothly executed by the CCF making the day a huge success paired with a professional atmosphere.’

It must also be remembered that without the staff who organised not only the event itself, but the weekly rehearsals and training too, the students would not have been able to construct such an expert performance. RMS Madhav Narayanan must be thanked due to his profound skill as a leader having assisted greatly with producing the best out of the cadets. Captain Coyne agreed with the success as she told us, ‘The cadets really did a fantastic job and did themselves proud.’ She then said, ‘It was a moving day and, as a member of staff running the CCF, it was lovely to see so many parents attending and students participating in such a special and historic day. We can only hope that the CCF’s efforts are just as outstanding next year.

Sarika Patel