In an age where young people have to go out to rent out DVD is long gone because it is ridiculously easy to access all those movies and TV shows with just one click, why do we spend so much time on youtube instead?


Time Hole

Perhaps it's not a choice but on a regular basis we can get stuck in what I like to call a ‘Youtube Time Hole’; one video leads to another suggested video and so on until three hours have passed on. While you can compare this to binge watch an exciting show I find this is more common. 


Curated Content Like No Other 

On a platform where everybody can publish almost anything, people can find content so in line with their interests however niche they are. This is often hard for TV shows to deliver on. It also lets individuals connect with like minded people which inspires them to spend more time on the app. 



There is not any other platform where you can easily find hundreds of videos on a specific topic. Going out tonight? Here are more results that you can scroll through for smokey eye tutorials. 


Quick and Easy 

When we have little free time to enjoy a 10 minute Youtube video is a lot quicker to watch. Youtube can also be easier in having continuous content to view, when you become familiar with the app you generally develop some favourite you-tubers who will continuously upload every week for years.