Since we were in year 7 and first watched the seemingly-ancient year 11’s invade the corridors, armed with sharpies and clutching their yearbooks, we have had this day looming over us.

A bittersweet end of a chapter.

A celebration of everything that has happened in the last five years and the people that we have become.

We are no longer four-feet-eleven-inches tall, with skirts down to our ankles and rucksacks forcing us to bend forwards like the hunchback of Notre-Dame. We are confident, independent-minded women, with slightly shorter skirts and slightly better eyebrows.  

At Newstead Wood School, Leaver’s Day is an emotional affair. 

The day will begin with a morning of signing each other’s shirts and yearbooks, and taking more pictures with each other on the field than our phones’ storage can handle. This will be closely followed by an assembly which will no doubt turn on the waterworks, as each form will produce a 5-10 minute presentation which will be closely followed with a final goodbye from the head of year. 

Some of us will be staying for sixth-form. Some of us are starting anew at a different school. Some of us still aren’t quite sure. Nevertheless, on Friday 3rd May, all of us are still going to be saying goodbye to an era.