My ''weight loss journey'' is something which I get asked about very often, and so I thought it only made sense to write an article about it; to tell you all my story. Although this has been a huge physical transformation for me, it has been more emotional than anything else. In just over a year, I have lost 5 stone and 4 pounds (74 lbs/34kg) at the age of 16. As a child, I had always been chubby, and I suppose that I didn't think much of the issue at such a young age. Although, I do think that it is of huge importance that we teach children healthy habits and help them form and put into practice such healthy habits at a young age.

However, within the past few years, I had become much more self-aware, not just physically, but mentally also. My weight loss did not necessarily take place as a response to the pressure imposed on us regarding what we deem to be ‘’attractive’’, rather, I did it for myself and my health only. I must highlight the importance of the fact that, with anything in life, whether it would be a physical transformation or another sort of transformation, one should always achieve a goal or an aim of some sort only for themselves, and not for the approval of others. I had learnt the importance of the concept of self-acceptance and self-love to a great degree during my journey. There is no doubt that I have still got some way to go, however, I am so happy with how far I have come so far and like to share my journey with others as a means of inspiration, if you will.

Although I wish to make this story sound as motivational as possible, I do think that it is important to add an element of realism also. Many people ask me frequently, ‘’How are you always so motivated?’’ ‘’How do you get motivation to work out?’’ and so on. Although, the truth is, the beginning stage of my decision to change must have been one of the most difficult things which I had overcome. I had to go from merely walking for a couple of minutes a day to walking 10,000 steps a day and working out a couple of times a week. Such a change was at first hard for me to make, not only because it was, of course, physically straining, but also the fact that I had to completely change my mindset and what it means to be truly ‘’healthy’’. Furthermore, the transformation of my diet was a major change also; going from junk foods everyday to healthy and satisfying foods, with occasional treats that the heart every so often desires.

I document my journey via Instagram: @emilysjourneytofitt. This journey has been transforming for me and is something which I wanted to share with others, to show that, whatever you put your mind into, you can achieve.