With work experience fast approaching for the year 10 students at Swakeleys School, there has been much preparation to ensure that they are ready for the world of work. Between paperwork, phone calls and interviews, the students still had a chance to have some fun with several engaging sessions run by Learning to Work, to lay the groundwork for the pupils heading out to fulfil their vocations.

Led by five wonderful volunteers from Learning to Work, each session was specially crafted to target one aspect that would equip them with the expertise to undertake tasks in their daily working lives – how to handle customer complaints, survive a business-style interview and dress appropriately for their line of work. To put these ideas into practice, students performed tasks where they dressed mannequins to aptly suit a career and construct toy cars- onehanded- in a team of 6, teaching them many invaluable skills they can carry with them to their work experience. Not only did it provide pupils with a background to work, it also boosted self-esteem, with year 10 student Laylan Al- Bazzazz stating, ‘I feel more confident now going into a busy working environment and working with different people.’

Over the last few weeks, much anticipation and excitement led to the delivery of work placements to students in occupations such as estate agents, retail workers and teaching assistants to name a few. Soon, they will embark on the final step of their working journey completing their two week placements, giving them a taste of the world of work.