It seemed as if the whole of Chiswick joined in the celebrations as the ambitious Chiswick Timeline project kicked off with the unveiling of the timeline panels under the Turnham Green bridges. Fuller’s Brewery, Transport for London and the London Borough of Hounslow all contributed towards this immense project, which was started by Abundance London, a small voluntary organisation that create environmental and artistic projects all around London, and all workers are volunteers.

The Chiswick Timeline shows the history of Chiswick through the years, from the small village it was in the 1500s to the Palladian days under Lord Burlington, detailed depictions of the bombs from World War 2, including the first V2, and today’s map of Chiswick, all created in beautiful enamel.

The launch party for this historic piece of artwork which was open to the public took place on January 28th.  Turnham Green Terrace was closed to traffic to allow everyone to see the  two huge artworks as well as live music and treats and biscuits for all who come. To greet the guests who came to visit the unveiling, each stall gave their goods for free- including hot mulled cider, beer and bread from a local bakery.

“The local community enjoyed everything that was given away,” said Alan Benton, who was manning the cider stall. “and enjoyed the event.”

You can see the artwork celebrating Chiswick underneath the Turnham Green bridges and marvel at the sheer creativity of it now. Next time you are in Chiswick, why not go to the bridge? You’re sure to enjoy it.