Searching for work experience is undoubtedly one of the most difficult things to find as a teenager, because they are oblivious to a world beyond their school environment .

When speaking to a group of 25 students more than over half stated "I don't even know where to begin" ; particularly  for those who are undecided on what they want to do .Many  young teenagers suffer with finding placements because it is abnormal for them to have such independence , and  rely upon on their schools to provide them with information on where they can go and what they can do. Therefore it exposes teenagers to the reality of a world in which they must seek for what they want , rather than relying on others.

However , when speaking to the group many argued that they feel their schools should be providing them with "more information and resources" to make it easier for them to find experience due to exam or homework stress.It could also be argued that it prepares young people for adult life. Teenagers who enter sixth form should be treated with more responsibility  and work experience is the perfect time for them to branch out on their own.

Although it may seem difficult there are a variety of opportunities just a click away for teens to find experience in many different sectors of the working world . For example those interested in doing law can find experience in large law firms such as Pinset Mason, media / journalism experience  can be found in SKY / ITV , others wanting to study medicine can find experience through the NHS and teens who wish to study sciences can find experience in STEM . These are only a few examples out of hundreds that can be found online. This then brings into question if teens are simply just far too lazy to take the time to actively look for them , and instead wish for these opportunities to be handed to them.

Work experience is a chance for young people to find something that interests them , a chance to explore what career path they wish to take . It is vital that teens learn to cope in the world of work which is full of competition but also full of remarkable opportunities.