As each winter comes around, we all sit inside with crossed fingers praying for snow. When no snow appears, we complain and despair. When snow does appear, it’s not enough. I for one will be the first to admit that a pitiful dusting of snow on top of a car roof (which melts within seconds of you looking at it) hardly satisfies my craving for a picturesque, Nordic winter.

However, this year seems to be the anomaly. The so-called ‘Beast from the East’ has reached our shores and taken the country by storm (pun intended). But how has this freak weather affected the local area?

All children woke up this morning taken over by excitement, hoping that the 7 o’ clock email from school would confirm that a ‘snow day’ was in order. However, it seems that schools have braved the cold and slippery conditions and battled on, much to the disappointment of the local students. Although, journeys this morning were wrought with danger. Local authorities have tried to grit as many main roads as possible but, there are many smaller side roads which have not been covered in grit and have iced over, making it incredibly difficult to walk on them. Black ice on roads has also been a huge safety issue for drivers.

This sudden shock of snow could also take its toll on the environment. The freezing conditions and snow are submerging the newly budding crocuses and daffodils in local parks. Will this spring be a colourful one or has winter won? We'll have to cross our fingers and see.