Westminster Council has spent £660,000 tearing down the Marble Arch Mound. 

The attraction shut back in January after being opened for just 10 months and following widespread mockery.

Since the closure, council officials have confirmed how much it cost to take down the 25m high man-made hill, with a shocking total of £660,000.

When the mound was first opened back in June 2021 it was forced to shut just two days after opening.

This Is Local London: The Marble Arch Mound. (PA)The Marble Arch Mound. (PA)

The closure was due to dead plants falling off the mound and needing to be replaced costing an extra £225,000. 

It was later found out that the top architect behind the mound project, Elad Eisenstein, was paid £220,000 a year by the council making it more than the council's chief executive. 

The mound received an array of visitor complaints and even saw deputy leader of Westminster City Council Melvyn Caplan forced to resign.

Altogether the building of the mound cost £6 million but now has the extra £660,000 for the tearing down of the structure.

A council spokesperson has said that the figure was included in a previously published cost of the project. 

Westminster Council's Executive Director for Growth, Planning and Housing Debbie Jackson told Evening Standard that: "The cost of dismantling the Marble Arch Mound was included in the overall cost and this has not changed."

Adding that "The Marble Arch Mound drew in crowds and supported the recovery in the West End. Around 250,000 visits were made to see The Mound and the terrific light exhibition over the six-month period."