The Marble Arch Mound is being dismantled following the tourist attraction closure in early January. 

The Mound saw mockery and backslash from when it first opened back in July 2021, with an £8 fee to walk up the attraction and opening when still incomplete. 

But the artificial hill was short-lived when it was forced to temporarily shut as plants and grass began to die shortly after its grand opening and cost an extra £225,000 to repair.

Costing £6 million the mound was made as part of a program in the West End development but instead saw public outrage and disruption to local government. 

With the deputy leader of Westminster City Council, Melvyn Caplan forced to resign when it was discovered the top architect behind the mound project, Elad Eisenstein, was paid £220,000 a year by the council making it more than the council's chief executive. 

In pictures shared across Twitter, you can see the mound dismantled back to its original structure with no sign of plants and grass. 

Many shared their thoughts on the end of the project with one user saying: 

"Just seen these pics of the Marble Arch mound getting dismantled. Good riddance"

Whilst another sharing their thoughts on the amount of money spent towards the attraction: 

"The Marble Arch mound is being dismantled. Imagine if you had earned £6,000,000. I guarantee that you wouldn't have spent it on that crap. But, if it's someone else's money (hard-working taxpayers) then you're going to care a lot less."

Although the artificial hill created a lot of anger, according to Westminster Council it boosted footfall in the West End and helped the area recover from the pandemic.