For most people the Christmas season is about spending time with family and loved ones, giving and receiving presents and sitting down for a great family meal complete with all the fixings. But for many others, the holidays can feel more like a time of heightened stress and humiliation. During the Christmas season, the needful feel an increasing anxiety about how they would pay for necessities such as rent, food, decorations, modest gifts for their family, etc. The prime example of suffering during Christmas seasons is that of a child who wakes to find no gifts under the Christmas tree or who misses out on the gluttony of Grandma's Christmas feasts. But Christmas is also a time of helping those in need. Research demonstrates that acts of tenderness can have a great benefit to own happiness. We can help the needful (i.e. homeless people) during Christmas in a number of ways. Gift of education: if we sponsor a child, the child gets access to quality education. The child is able to join their peer group to discuss the problems they encounter in receiving good education. The community the child lives in, receives training and skills. This will help the community identify the difficulties to access quality education and find solutions to overcome to those obstacles. Gift of nutrition: Nourishing food safeguards children from becoming malnourished or falling ill.  Their parents and communities get income opportunities, tools, and skills to meet their daily needs and to provide meals to their children and families. Gift of healthy life: Access to safe and clean drinking water and health services saves a family and community from preventable diseases like malaria, diarrhoea etc.  The community is able to claim their right to access their entitlements to provide a healthy and happy life to their children and families. Sponsor a family and community this Christmas season  and give them the hope to secure a life with good food, health, education, and protection. Let us welcome the New Year 2022 with a joy of satisfaction by putting a smile on someone’s face. Small actions big smiles.