Congratulations, you made it!! The end of the year is near and that means one thing: New year's resolutions. Every year we make these resolutions in hopes to better ourselves and our world but do we really keep these resolutions? You’re probably shaking your head right now. I know how you feel. 


Every year we make these resolutions only to give up on them after a month. That’s ok, don’t be so hard on yourself, no one does. We all have those moments where we feel guilty but next year try to be less harsh on yourself, make resolutions you can keep.The great thing about new year’s resolutions is that you can do it all year, don’t feel upset if you decide to do it in the middle of the year. It still counts! :)

 Here are a few ideas and things you should do to make the next year a good one.

1. Be kind- this is probably the easiest promise you can keep. Being kind is something that doesn’t take any effort and it’s something that you won’t feel pressured to do since it’s a year round thing. Being kind not only makes you feel good, it also makes other people happy. Giving someone a compliment or asking how their day was can really make a big difference.

2. Don’t neglect your mental health- This is something we’re all guilty of, sometimes things can become so overwhelming, it can be hard to see the good sides. Take time once a month to do something you enjoy, schedule a day out with friends and forget the study stress. Leave your negative thoughts at home and go out to take a breath.

3. Study hard- this is something we should all work on carefully. Covid-19 has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, we’ve all been guilty of zoning out in an online lesson and slowly our grades have been fluctuating. Some days we do well others we don’t. It’s important to study hard so we don’t fall behind. If you find studying by yourself to be no good, try doing an online study session, use the tech skills you acquired during lockdown. Students say that studying with others helps compared to self-studying.

4. Be kind to yourself- this can be a difficult thing sometimes, it can be easier to sit in a puddle of doubt than be productive, we all have those moments. Next year try to better yourself, you can do exercise (it doesn't have to be heavy workouts, taking a walk also counts) or maybe attend a session on self well being. Planning your day can actually help you feel more in control so if you prefer, get a planner, write down anything you feel like you need to do. Many people have often tried keeping diaries, this may not be for everyone, if so, try something else, write one sentence about your day, keep a voice recording, talk about it. Having someone ask how your day was can be so mentally rewarding. 


The start of a new year is always daunting but if we face it head on, we can have what may be the best year of our lives. It’s not always about doing something new though, if you feel that you’ve done something well this year, why not set that as your new resolution, To keep practising and bettering that thing. Things may be better next year. Let’s not give up!!


Best wishes to all and Happy New Year.