Christmas is a time that most people look forward to, having a break from work and school to spend time with family and friends, good food, presents, and celebration. Christmas is often a time of warmth. A warmth that most of us have come to adopt as ‘tradition’, something that is guaranteed to happen like the changing seasons. But there are thousands of us who don’t have gifts, clothes or meals! So the statement that Christmas is the happiest time of year is almost ludacris!


Nonetheless, Christmas is seen as a time of fortune, family, and general happiness. But what actually makes the season so bright? Is it the family, friends, or simply the materialistic gifts? After all, who doesn’t like being given gifts! The Christmas season may be happy but it is not cheap… The average family in the UK is expected to spend, on average, up to £1108 during the festive season! This has risen by over £200 since 2020, where it was on average £883. This shocking statistic makes me question, is Christmas really just about the presents and if we are spending so much on presents, what do people who are living in low-income households do?


Low-income households often have to deal with affording basic necessities such as food, utility bills, and rent. Gifts are the last of their worries, but when other kids are being given expensive gifts like branded clothing, perfumes, and the latest phones, I can’t imagine the pressure on other parents to buy their kids a “half-decent” present. 

They may find ways to buy a gift for their loved ones and pass the season. 

But then there are birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations, where bringing a gift is the ‘norm’.

For them, holiday happiness would be to not have to worry about their basic needs like feeding their family, keeping a roof over their heads, or keeping them warm this winter. They just want to have complete fulfillment of love, joy, and security. 

So as we countdown the days to Christmas, I ask you to remember to donate to charity and recognise that not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Let’s make Christmas about love and true happiness, not just about unboxing the latest gifts…