Since September 2021, the UK Government have scheduled ‘Drop Down Days’ to be put in place for schools across England, this is in hopes that students with be more educated on topics such as:

Sending Nudes

Healthy and Unhealthy relationships 

The importance of saying how you feel in any situation.


So far this has proved to be a success as from a personal standpoint – students in my school are learning a lot about maturing and the types of situations one may be faced with as a teenager/ young adult. 

Drop down days are scheduled throughout each term at school with each day focusing on a different topic, pupils can then speak about how their opinions on the day, giving feedback and asking further questions in their Pshe lessons. These teachers can help answer queries that people may have and report back to the head teacher or head of year and to the organisers of the Drop-Down Days to help further educate students. 


It is extremely important for students to have a safe environment to speak and learn about issues that may be being faced, this is ideal for students who want to talk to people who can help and educate. If there is someone who would appreciate further guidance then there should always be facilities in school in order to help people, as mental health should be at the top of the priority list, as it is crucial that students are happy and comfortable in school before the learning even begins.


Drop Down Days will aim to educate and assist young people on issues faced.

Students have said that these days have been a huge help as it is a break for the stress of exams and revision and it gives them a chance to hear other people's points of view, share their own and learn about essential topics.

If your school has introduced the Drop-Down Days, be sure to share your opinions and further ideas with a member of staff as the aim of these days is for them to be beneficial for every student, so views on these days would be greatly appreciated.

In my opinion I believe that drop down days at school are vital and they should have been in place long ago so that pupils are not in the dark when situations that are unfamiliar arise. I look forward to more of the Drop Drown Days.

This is a positive change that is finally happening for the mental health of all students across the UK.