The 15th August saw the opening of ‘Delinas’, bringing authentic Ethiopian cuisine to West London. 


Walking inside, I was greeted with the smell of fresh coffee and mingling aromatic spices, and welcomed by the smiling Nazareth, the owner herself.


‘Delina’ is a spacious and vibrant shop located within the heart of Shepherds Bush Market. Nazareth spoke fondly of Shepherds Bush, valuing it as her ‘home’, and a “lively, diverse setting” for her new restaurant. She recounted how her passion for Ethiopian cooking motivated her to start the business, as she enjoys the “control and freedom” she has in the kitchen. 


‘Delina’ has an extensive menu ranging from traditional flatbreads to avocado on toast - there’s no going hungry here! Nazareth explained how in Ethiopian cooking, injera - a fermented flatbread - acts as the staple for most meals. Her flatbreads are renowned for their distinctive and appetising flavour, as achieving the right “consistency and texture” is a “difficult skill” that she has artfully mastered. 


Vegetarian dishes (lentils, chickpeas, greens) are also a key element of Ethiopian cuisine, which she incorporates into her mouth - watering ‘beyaynetu’ platter, and hence why it’s not surprising that her vegan sourdough chips (Zeff-ting) have won awards!


Nazareth also inspires people to cook at home, which is channelled through her culinary classes and ready-made products that you add water to - dubbed as the  “healthier, yummier alternative to pot noodle”!


With a comforting satiety I left Delina’s, enveloped in the delectable taste of coffee and flatbreads.