With life during the pandemic being such a headful, many have turned to the outdoors for a little peace of mind. The complexities of technology have left our minds distraught and ourselves scrolling through our phones until our fingers are numb. Nature has been a saviour- a place for peace, a place to exercise and a place to reflect and now more than ever, our local outdoor spaces are so important to us.

On a trip to a local park the previous week I took this photo ( I had always walked past this waterfall which is usually a quiet/peaceful place), yet this time there seemed to be more people admiring along with me. Going to a park for relaxation purposes appears to have become a more frequent habit which has caused a flood of new people to flock to open areas. Mother nature seems to be getting all the praise she deserves.

This sudden boost will be seen to have everlasting impacts all over the country. We spend all time inside, using technology and when they die we have to recharge them. Simply going outside reduces that cycle. Not only does it reduce our screen time though, but it refreshes our minds too. Mental health has been such a large topic over the course of the pandemic and It only seems to have gotten worse. It’s not a surprise to see this as relationships were tested, phones were in constant use, and some of us were left along to our thoughts. It hard to understand that you/someone around you may be struggling and then to break out of the cycle and seek advice.

One of the most common forms of relief/help from mental health is getting outside. As mentioned, people look to it for comfort- the peace and tranquility. Even just sticking your head out the window for fresh air has shown to be proven to benefit the mind. Technology always seems to be telling us what we should be doing, eating, thinking about, looking like- which just worsens the situation. Yet nature is un-biased. It’s not something you can scroll through, like or comment or has an opinion. It’s there and we can’t ignore its beauty.