Why don’t we learn about the black British past?

This question has only recently started to come up, why has it taken this long to even acknowledge the involvement of black lives in the key history of Britain and why is it hidden? 

No one learns about Septimius Severus, in fact if you had heard about him, the chance is you think he is white. A statue of him is in the British museum in stone and has no indication he is the first black African-born Emperor of Rome.

Septimus Severus came to London in 208 with members of his army where he helped strengthen Hadrian’s wall and actually build the first few walls of London. Severus and his army’s involvement is key in the start of Britain and certainly in the growth of London, but why don’t we learn about him when we learn about the romans?

Even in as recent as 2015 the British government were still just paying off the debt that they borrowed as compensation to the slave owners in 1833. The compensation would be worth £2.4 billion in today's money.

Looking into British past I became aware of how little the school curiculum actually teaches and how little I knew about black British past, the Black Lives Matter movement has sparked an effect throughout everyone. However painful this is the campaign has brought to light the truth of the past. So now the truth needs to stay, black British past needs to be included into schools curriculums.