During this late evening of April 30th 2018, an unexpected road traffic accident took place on Du Cane Road at approximately 11pm. The accident was situated opposite the busy Hammersmith Hospital in White City . The road traffic accident included two cars and a large double decker bus .

When speaking to local residents, bus drivers and the police, the cause of the accident was believed to be as a result of a bus driver falling asleep at the wheel. Whilst the driver was asleep on the wheel, the double decker bus swerved haphazardly across the two lane road until it collided with two cars. The presence of the fire department was required in order to remove casualties from the wrecked cars into the nearby hospital.

The amount of road traffic accidents caused by sleeping while in control of a vehicle has increased in recent years.

Sleep deprivation has many side effects including a decrease in concentration levels, a slower reaction time and a disorder in event processing. The side effects of sleep deprivation may cause a road traffic accident. There have also been many studies showing driving while being driver is more dangerous than driving after having drunk alcohol. This is because a drowsy person cannot attempt to react but a person who had consumed alcohol can.

This traffic accident has resulted in numerous bus routes towards East Acton and other locations being diverted subsequently. Many bus drivers including those of whom I spoke to, talked about the possibility of having to stay with their vehicles until police investigations concluded for the evening.


The bus was removed from the site of the crash. One car had a windows smashed in order to remove passengers and the driver. A street light was crashed into and has had cones placed around it.


The two vehicles which were crashed into were removed. The street light is still damaged.