What would happen if the sun disappeared?

The exact second the sun disappeared, we would have no idea, it would take 8 minutes and 20 seconds until we did realise. This is because light travels at roughly 300,000,000 m/s squared. And the distance between the sun and earth is 149.6 billion metres.

The exact moment we saw the sun disappear, we would also lose its gravitational influence. Since gravity travels at the same speed as light. We would only see Jupiter disappear about 30 minutes after. Photosynthesis will stop immediately. However there is about a quintillion KG of oxygen in the atmosphere around us but humans only breathe in 6 trillion KG. So it would take 1,000’s of years until we run out of oxygen.

As for light, the whole milky way is our only source of light, and this contributes about 1/300 of that of a full moon. So its enough to see around a little bit. Most small plants would die within days, however some larger plants would survive for a lot longer. Their problem will not be food, but it will be very cold.

The average surface temperature is 14 degrees Celcius on Earth. Without the sun after a week, the temperature will drop to 0. And after only a year it will have dropped to -73.

Your only chances of survival are to go to thermal spots such as Yellowstone or Iceland. These places are warmed by the Earth’s warmth. Anyone who fails to get one of these spots WILL not survive.

After 10-20 years, liquid air will begin to form like dew. The air will literally condense. After 1-3 years all of the ocean will have frozen but since ice is a good insulator, there will be liquid water under for a long time. So long that it may be there for billions of years.

Perhaps we could be caught into another stars orbit?

What do you think?