Nitrus Oxide, "balloons", "hippy crack","sweet air" or laughing gas as some may know it to be have been spotted in local communities. Most of these canisters have been seen in silver tubes which may appear strange or interesting to many that once contained this simple drug that can be easily inhaled.

Nitrus Oxide is the gas found in balloons and laughing gas, mainly used by doctors or dentist it is used commercially but can be obtained for as little as £2. In 2016 the latest Global Drug Survey found that 'balloon' is the 7th most popular dug out of 50 countries surveyed and has become the most popular drug in the UK.

This drug is not only increased its popularity through its cheap price but quickly gives the user a short-term euphoria as well as what may appear to be heightened senses. It is also legal in many countries.Although having a low toxicity rate this drug can cause dizziness, so there is a risk of falling as well as causing hallucinations. 

Yet it is unknown to how the drug has increased in popularity so quickly. It is relatively known to be found in housing estates and smaller communities around Acton and Ealing. If you have started to spot empty silver canisters do call your council to sort the issue out.