GCSE's are the time in a students life where their future really begings. There are the moments where they have to properly revise as those grades at the end of the year determine if they get a good life with a good job or not, the best life they can have. 

The GCSE path however does not just start at year eleven though it starts at year nine. From there students must remember everything they have learnt from teacher which can create so much stress as it is hard being from the age of thirteen to sixteen, three years of remembering all of the work so you don't fail in life. Some teachers do understand the stress and pressure but have to push their students to do the best as in the future these students can become all the dreams they want because of their GCSEs. 

From a students view in year ten I believe the stress of this needs to be known as as a student it is expected of you to do your work experence, cource work (for some), homework, intervention and extra curricular clubs so you can show it off all on your CV. This is what the worry is all about for some as with so much on their plate it get tough. Luckly there are so many ways of support like your friends and family and these interventions can actual be so helpful, also very calming as the stress from everything else is so much better and give a good chance of passing your GCSE.