In the future. There will be much to happen. So much that you would beg to stay. However what is that we will miss. Before we discuss this. Let’s see what the people in the future will miss:
The moon moves back a centimetre a year. On average. And as we know, we get total eclipses. Lucky we are! However, your future ancestors will miss the eclipse. As the moon won’t be close enough to block the sun out completely. What a shame for them! But what else will they miss?
Niagara Falls.
Niagara falls, the water part, will erode back the stone which it lies on back. This then means that by the year 52,000 there will no longer be a Niagara falls. Something that is hugely attractive now! But now what will we miss!
Galaxy collision.
Andromeda is currently a galaxy that can be seen from the naked eye. However only barely. Believe it or not it is moving towards us at the speed of a bullet! This means that in a few billion years. Our galaxy will collide with that galaxy to form a new one called, milkdromeda. Our solar system will most likely remain untouched. It will be incredibly bright. When this does happen.
The Sun
Our sun is fighting between gravity forcing it into itself. And nuclear fission pushing it outwards. Over time, it will expand. And at one point will approach our Earth and burn it up. Boiling our oceans up well before. Will it be the end of humanity?