I feel as if disabled people are over looked day. The thing we find easy and difficult to some. And many over look there existence is the busy blur of everyday life.

Until they are face to face is a person who's whole way of life they spend alienating. This is usually not on purpose and disabled people life isn't way seen it the media.

However with a wave on millennial changing the tide a longside leading business and owners in several industries we are at the perfect time to talk about disable people. They are simple thing I would everyone reading this to try.

1) Don't alienate people who are different.

2)Don't you disable toilet if you are not disabled.

3)Not all disabilities and visible so don't just judge same because they look about bodied.

4)Do help and listen is a disabled person ask you to do something as it taken courage to ask strangers for things let alone for help.

However this is not pushing someone in a wheelchair without permission. Or poke and products at people you do know.