This week at Ark Burlington Danes academy it's been about religion for the younger years. To get them to understand the bigger question in life that some of them have properly spoken about. It has been run by the Chaplin of the school Charles Wallendal, he has helped Live Life set up at the school with the staff and student and allowed student to come talk to the members of Live Life at break and lunch for any questions. When I asked ask a few questions Mr Wallendal was more then happy to answer. He told me that there is a lot of focus from school by exams and academic performance but thinks its important to understand questions such as " Is there a God?" and "Who do I worship?" so Live Life week is important to explore what it means to truly live life. He also mentioned that Live Life is run by a Christian organisation other children are more then welcome to come to see and share there view on God and religion. Live Life opens up to anybody who is curious to their own belief and want to explore Christianity. After mentioning the younger years, for the older years on Thursday first of march there will be a concert where singing and properly dancing. This takes place in Ark Burlington Danes' after 3:30 . It is a once in a life time experience that is not to be missed.