As a student my self, currently in year 10, experiencing my first set of predicted GCSE exams I can easily say that the pressure is on. Students are stressing over receiving at least standard grades. To reassure themselves that they are able to do well as the subject tests have increasing become harder after last year's government decision. But across the country students similar to I, may be worried that they are not able to remember the knowledge needed for their exams. Leading to the main question are student's mental health in danger?
I asked fellow classmates who are currently undergoing important exams what they think of the new GCSEs many replied that they would possibly consider themselves on the brink of depression or anxiety. These students were 14-15 years old and already believing they have some sort of mental issue. But who could blame them? We all desire to achieve the best grades possible to ensure a safe and happy future for ourselves

In 2016 27% of university students claimed to believe they had some type of mental health issue 34% being female in comparison to 19% being male. The most common types of mental health are depression and anxiety, once again in 2016 77% had depression and 74% with anxiety in university students.

As the statistics continue to rise we can only worry about the young minds that are heavily affected by stress, depression, exams, anxiety and other forms of mental health and situations.