Thousands of Britons have finally resumed to their daily lives after holidaying in Middle Eastern destinations such as Bahrain during the holidays.

The Middle Eastern destination of Bahrain which is home to many British and American migrants,faced severe flight delays during the holidays. The cause for the delays was appalling fog which unusual for this tropical climate.

The fog left many people within the country unable to see more than 5 metres in front of themselves when driving. Many were also advised to ,'Stay where they were.' instead of attempting to go to the airport to find out further information about their flights from their airlines including Gulf Air and British Airways.

Despite the weather clearing after one day, the delays continued to the following day in order to ensure the definite safety of all flights, crews and passengers.

Even though the delays didn't last a long time period in comparison to other flight delays, many people were distraught as often Saudi nationals travel to Bahrain to get connecting flights. One woman was left in tears as she had travelled from Dammam in the east of Saudi Arabia to Bahrain.